Saturday, June 22, 2013


As I mentioned before, it would have been my Dad's birthday this past week.
We always used to meet up at his and Mum's house for his birthday, and we still do.
It's right in the middle of the year, and a nice date for the whole family to catch up. We see each other throughout the year, but not normally all together, apart from at Christmas.
We try to do a barbecue but the weather has been diabolical (we ended up barbecuing in the rain last year...) so we opted for fish and chips instead!
It was lovely to catch up with my siblings, and Charlie always has fun with his cousins.
Rosie had loads of fun showing off for all her aunties and uncles, and, as always, loved spending time with Nanny.
She was especially pleased with the super present Nanny bought for her - we've been on the lookout for a little bike for her, and mum spotted this perfect little trike in her local charity shop! It was a real bargain and it has a handle to attach to the back so I can push her along when she's tired of pedalling.
She's going to enjoy going for rides with Charlie - I'll have to get her a cycle helmet... get her into good habits while she's little.
Charlie has swimming tomorrow, then back to school on Monday - why is it that weekends fly by so fast?! I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! :-)

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The Cryer Family said...

Always lovely to get together with family!! I can't believe that is Rosie! What a fabulous little girl!