Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little Drummer Boy...

I went to a concert at Charlie's school this afternoon - it was all the kids who have peripatetic music lessons, or those who go to music clubs at the school.
Charlie has flute lessons, plus he does Taiko drumming and he's in the choir, so he had a busy afternoon!
I was so impressed with all of it - the kids had worked so hard. I have got a few snippets of video, but I can't upload them at the moment because our internet isn't working properly, so you'll have to make do with a few (heavily zoomed) stills of Chas doing Taiko drumming.
I was so proud of him - he always laughs at me because I can't get through anything like this where he's performing without getting all teary-eyed.
Chas thinks it's very funny, but I really can't help it - I see my tall, strong boy drumming, singing and performing and can't help but remember the 50/50 chance we were given antenatally of him surviving to age five.
He has come so far, and has achieved more already than we ever dreamed possible when we brought our skinny, blue baby home after his first surgery.
You would never know to look at him how much he has gone through to get where he is.
So I think he'll have to get used to me blubbing in the front row for quite a while to come... :-)

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