Monday, August 12, 2013

Drawing circles...

Hi folks. All is good here!
Potty-wise, Rosie has been totally dry since last Friday and either asks to go when she needs the loo, or just takes herself off to the bathroom. (She still needs a bit of help to get on the toilet though!)
She's been drawing loads lately - it's usually either wiggly lines (snakes, according to Rosie) or lots and lots of circles.
Apparently she's either drawing balls or faces - she spends ages doing squiggles in and around her circles, saying 'eyes, nose, hair, mouth...'
She's such a lot of fun, and I am scarily proud of how well she's done with potty training - she wasn't even 22 months when we ditched the nappies. Her nappies are dry in the mornings and after her nap, but I don't think I'll be taking her out of nappies at night anytime soon - we have loads left in the cupboard to use up, and I'd rather chuck away a dry nappy every morning than have to change a wet bed every now and then!
Charlie is on top form - he's been a great help this week with Rosie. He's very excited though because he's off to stay at Nanny's house on Wednesday - he's been counting the days, and is now starting to count the hours!
I'll really miss him when he's away, but I think he's probably looking forward to a few days without having to cheer every time Rosie does a wee! 😄

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