Sunday, August 04, 2013

Quick update

Hi folks - this is just a quick update, albeit with no pictures. I promise I'll remedy that next time!
All is good here.
Charlie's been at holiday club all last week and we went to the service this morning at the church where it is held. The kids showed the parents what they've been up to all week - singing songs, reciting memory verses (I still remember the ones I learned in Sunday School!), sharing stories, and most importantly - as far as the kids were concerned!! - cashing in the tokens they won during the week for prizes!
Charlie swapped his for a racing car, a water pistol and (much to my surprise) he spent half of them on a big rainbow-patterned ball for Rosie. I was so proud of him for being so kind to his little sister.

I have had a pretty productive weekend too - I finally upgraded my phone, so I have a fantabulous new iPhone 5, which is rather lovely. (Particularly because the software on my old one was YEARS out of date, so it was beyond slow and most of my apps weren't working any more...)
And another plus-point to the weekend - I sold Charlie's old collection of Disney Cars toys on eBay for (wait for it...) £131.25!!!! I couldn't believe it when the total started rocketing in the final minute! I don't know if there was something particularly rare in there, but I guess a lot of people REALLY wanted it! So not only have we got some cash, I've also got a nice big space in my conservatory too!

Rosie-Posy is on top form too. She was dancing in the aisle at church this morning, much to the amusement of the people around her.
We are going hardcore on potty training tomorrow - goodbye to nappies, apart from at sleep times.
She's been using the potty a bit already, and seems to be getting the hang of it, so I'm hoping she'll keep up the good work and I won't be mopping up puddles all week long!
Charlie is being a big help too - he's donated some of his stickers for her 'potty chart', and is cheering her on whenever she gets a wee in the potty! She's already picked out her pants for the morning, so I'm hoping the novelty won't have worn off by lunchtime!!
I'm also hoping she gets the hang of it by Friday because the kids and I are going to visit my mum for her birthday, and even though she only lives 30 minutes away from us, it's a long way if you're sitting in a wet carseat!

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