Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A lovely morning... and a stressful afternoon

Hi folks.
Well, today was the last day of the summer holiday, so we decided we'd head off to one of our local farm parks. I haven't been to this one since Charlie was about two (and it was a bit rubbish then, to be honest...) but they've had a massive overhaul since then, and it is fabulous now.
There are loads of different animals - little ones for the kids to hold, as well as farm animals - cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs - and lots of chickens (or 'bok-boks' as Rosie calls them, along with an accompanying wing-flap...)
There are also quite a few tractors/diggers/combine harvesters to play on, and some little racing cars.
There was also a really brilliant soft play - sometimes the sections for little kids are a bit too tame for Rosie's liking, but the one today was brilliant - fast slides, a ball pit, things to clamber over... and all a perfect size for my little climbing Rose.
So, we had a lovely morning, grabbed a sandwich lunch there and headed home in time for Rosie's nap.
At which point the day became rather more anxiety-inducing.
She slept for about an hour and a half, and other than hearing her sneeze a couple of times half way through, she didn't stir.
So when she woke up and called for me, the very last thing I expected to find was a bloodied child, sitting in a puddle of blood on her mattress.
I had no idea where the blood was coming from because there was a patch as big as a tea plate at the top of the bed, and a tennis ball-sized patch at the bottom of the bed.
I grabbed her and ran downstairs to Pete's office in a bit of a panic. (You'd have thought I'd be used to a bit of blood by now after Charlie's three heart surgeries and warfarin therapy... but evidently my detached, non-panicking mother thing doesn't extend to Rosie...)
I didn't know whether I should be taking her to the GP or A&E, so I rang the GP and the receptionist said they would fit Rosie in right away, so we should head straight over.
I snapped a couple of photos to show the doctor, and we washed her down a bit and changed her t-shirt because having blood all over her was really stressing her out.
As far as we could see, the blood seemed to be coming from her nose. It wasn't bleeding hard any more - just an ooze - but I was a bit concerned about the amount of blood she had lost. The puddle had soaked through the sheet, the mattress cover, and into the mattress itself.
So I whizzed her off to the GP's surgery, and they rushed us straight in. (I know people complain about it sometimes, but I am VERY grateful for the NHS...)
The doctor had a good look up Rosie's nose and down her throat, and also gave her a thorough check to make sure the blood loss wasn't affecting her.
Other than looking a bit pale, she seemed to be fine and enjoyed the doctor listening to her toy cat with his stethoscope too.
He could see a lot of blood up her nose, but couldn't see any real cause for the bleed.
We can only assume that either she blew a blood vessel when she sneezed, or had stuck a finger up her nose and damaged something, which then bled a lot when she was sneezing.
He gave us some cream to put up her nose (which she's been really good about!) and said if it happens again we should take her back to the GP, or to A&E if the bleeding doesn't stop after putting pressure on it.
But I'm sincerely hoping that it doesn't happen again - I don't think my nerves can take it!
Anyway, the little pickle was fine in herself, once we'd cleaned her off - she doesn't like dirt or mess at all (my mum's 'clean gene' must have skipped a generation!) and by some miracle I've managed to get the bloodstains out of her sheets and tshirt - although I think we might need a new mattress...
I'm rather nervous to check in on her before I go to bed tonight though!

So. That's what we've been up to today - first half was lovely, second half - not so much!
Charlie's school gear is all ready for the morning - I still can't believe our boy is heading into Year 5.
Watch this space for the obligatory 'first day of school' pics tomorrow!

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