Saturday, October 05, 2013

Into October...

Hi folks.
Thought I'd write a quick update, although yet again I don't have any pictures - I seem to be slacking off on the picture-taking front!
All is well here, although the October snots have arrived on schedule and we're all sneezing and blowing our noses.
Charlie is on good form - we go to the hospital on Monday for his cardiology appointment.
We haven't been since July last year because of a glitch in the appointment system.
As I say, Charlie is full of beans, but I'm not looking forward to the appointment at all - the usual pre-appointment panic is setting in and I'm doubting myself!
All being well through, he should move to annual cardiology appointments from now on (don't mention the fact that it's been 14 months since our last appointment - it should have been only eight months...)
However, the protocol has changed at his pacemaker appointments, which are very regular, every six months. It used to be that we would fly in and out, and literally just check his pacemaker, but now they've started checking his obs - sats, weight, height, BP and ECG too, so it doesn't feel like we've been totally abandoned since last year!
His last pacer check was in June and all seemed fine then, so here's hoping he's still doing well.
He hasn't had an echo since his last cardio appointment though, so I'll be happy when we get the thumbs-up for that too.
It goes without saying that we'd really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for a positive report on Monday.
We were supposed to be going to the outward bound centre on Friday to meet with the manager about Charlie's residential course, but the manager was off sick, so we need to rearrange the visit once he's back at work.
Rosie has been a bit under the weather the past few days - nothing specific really, just a bit pale with a runny nose, and not eating as consistently as normal. She's fine in herself, apart from being a bit more of a mummy's girl than normal - lots of requests for 'Mama, cuggle!' Hopefully she'll shake it off soon, although I'm rather enjoying all the hugs.
She's quite into singing these days - she's taken to lying in her cot when she wakes up, singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' to herself. I love to hear it through the monitor - even if she hasn't quite cracked all the words yet!
I CANNOT believe that it is her birthday on Thursday. I have no idea where the past two years have gone. She knows that it's going to be her birthday and that she'll be two, and is looking forward to cake! She's already got a pretty substantial pile of presents on top of the dresser, and we're still five days away!
My friend Kelly passed on a huge bag of clothes for Rosie the other day, so she has spent quite a few happy hours rummaging and trying on! I had to wrestle her out of a polka-dot swimsuit the other night, which she had paired with Charlie's red Angry Birds hat. She's quite the fashionista, my daughter! I don't know how I ended up with such a girly girl - she's nothing like her mother in that respect! Although she's becoming more and more like Nanny every day on the cleaning/organising front. She spent ages dusting the other day, hoovered the lounge this morning and cannot cope with dirt AT ALL! Charlie left his shoes in the middle of the lounge before, as is his wont, and she picked them up and put them away under the table in the hall where they belong! (I'll have her changing the beds and doing the laundry before she's three at this rate!)
She put her trousers on all by herself this evening too! (Admittedly they were back to front, but I still thought that was pretty good going for someone who's not even two yet!)
Anyway, it's late, and Pete's watching Match of the Day (yawn...) so I think I'll go to bed! Will update on Monday with news from the hospital.

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