Sunday, December 08, 2013

Festive fun with friends!

We had a fab day today - we met up with Charlie's heart friend Thomas, his brother Sam, and his parents, Lindsey and Paul, at a big garden centre.
The kids got on like a house on fire, and had a lovely chat with the big beardy guy in the red suit! Rosie liked him a lot and, as you can see, was very relaxed, sitting on his knee! When he asked her what he wanted her to bring for Christmas and she said 'a present' :-D
We had a nice lunch, lots of chat, and then had a blast on the ice rink! Or should I say, the boys had a blast and Linz and I struggled round and round, clinging to the rail!
I've been really useless at blogging lately - things have been so busy here with all the Christmas stuff going on. I've got a few updates/pics I need to write up - Charlie's been up to his eyes in choir concerts and other festive stuff, so I need to get up to date!
Back soon!

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Claire said...

Looks like a lovely day. Lovely to see both the boys looking so well! :-) xxx