Monday, January 06, 2014

Into 2014...

Hi folks.
Well, I think my New Year's resolution should be to start blogging a bit more often again! We have been SO busy over the past month, that blogging has been on the back burner.
So, with tomorrow being the last day of the Christmas holiday, here's a quick photo-dump from the past couple of weeks.
Rosie, as you can see in the first pic, is very keen on washing her hands - I'm sure she's got a bit of OCD in there somewhere! It's one of her new favourite things - standing on her little stool, with her hands in the sink for as long as she can - pruny, wrinkled fingers notwithstanding. In fact 'Bubbles on hands' is one of her most frequent requests. (Second only to 'Eggy for tea please - yummy yummy!' She has a newfound love for poached eggs on toast, and would eat them for every meal, given half a chance...)
It's been a lovely Christmas holiday - the run-up to Christmas was total mayhem, with numerous concerts and other festive stuff happening, but once Charlie broke up from school, everything slowed down a bit and it was so nice just having a quiet family time.
We've been playing some of the games Charlie had for Christmas and I can highly recommend Monopoly Empire - much quicker and lots more fun than the original!
Rosie had a little trampoline from us for Christmas (one of the tiny ones with a handle to hold) and it has been a big hit with both kids. I have some fab pics of Rose mid-jump, but they're on my camera not my phone, so I'll upload them when I get a chance.
They both really enjoy drawing and colouring - Charlie tends to be drawing various Doctor Who characters or Star Wars people at the moment, while Rose likes us to draw around her hands so she can colour in nails, watches and rings (in her own special way!)
Jigsaws have also been pretty popular in our house over Christmas. Pete and Charlie have done at least six or seven in the holiday including a couple of 1,000 piecers. I love that Charlie enjoys the simple stuff as well as all the technology!
Chas and I went to the panto yesterday - his friend Tasha was dancing in it again this year. I'm not usually a big panto fan to be honest, but the one yesterday was really funny and Charlie loved it - especially waving at Tasha whenever she she came on stage! (She was very professional though, and didn't wave back! She spotted us straight away though and was beaming at Charlie!)
As you can see from the pic, Charlie also enjoyed the ice cream in the interval!
Pete took the decorations down yesterday afternoon while we were at the panto, and Rosie was in bed, but it was only at about 5pm today that Rose suddenly said 'Oh! Christmas tree gone!!'
Very observant, my daughter.

So. Now we're into 2014, it means our Florida holiday will be coming around very quickly - I'd better get on and order Rosie's passport, and our visas. Charlie's getting very excited about it already, and Rosie seems to be most excited about going on a plane (although I'm sure after nine hours or however long it is, the novelty might wear off...) She's also looking forward to seeing Tigger and Minnie Mouse. (And Father Christmas too, apparently...)
As I said before, Chas goes back to school on Wednesday, and, believe it or not, Rosie is going to playschool that afternoon for her first 'get to know you' session. Eek.
She doesn't start until September, but they like the children to have a few opportunities to get used to the staff/building before they start. I'll be staying with her, but I'm sure she'll be off and running once she sees the PlayDoh table. It'll be interesting to see how she manages though, because the session is 1.30-3pm - right in the middle of her sleep time.
Charlie also has one last bit of Christmas to come - with his youth club post-Christmas party on Wednesday evening as well.
And Pete's off to London at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning, so it's going to be a pretty frenetic start to the new term I think!
Anyway - that's about it for now I think. Here's hoping 2014 is a happy, healthy one for all of us.

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