Friday, April 25, 2014

Day Eight - Animal Kingdom

Today was a really hot one - unrelenting heat and humidity. Fortunately most of Animal Kingdom is very shady, with lots of trees, so it wasn't too bad.
The kids really enjoyed seeing all the animals - Charlie was given a book to fill in, with stickers to collect, which he enjoyed.
We went on the jungle safari and saw loads of wild animals - Rosie particularly like the giraffes, although she was a bit miffed she couldn't get out of the jeep to cuddle them.
We managed to get some prime seats for the parade, and spent a happy half hour waving at all the characters. A gorilla (I think he's from the Tarzan film, but we haven't seen it...) took a particular liking to Charlie and Rosie and ran across to give them huge hugs.
Charlie really enjoyed the Dinosaur ride, although it made both of us jump at the end - the picture they took of us on the ride was really funny - both of us squished into the corner of the car, as far from the dinosaur as possible, with our eyes crunched shut! Cowards, the pair of us!!
Charlie's absolute favourite ride of the day was the Everest rollercoaster. We try to be a bit careful about what rides he goes on because of his heart - but even the smallest of kiddie rides says you shouldn't ride with a heart condition, so we use our judgement a bit.
He doesn't go on anything that goes upside down, or anything that has a vertical drop, and we tend to avoid the rides that have the heavy-duty over-the-shoulder safety bars.
The Everest ride was pretty speedy, and some of it was backwards, but he absolutely loved it!
While we were queueing to see some of the characters, Rosie found Pete's hat and sunglasses, and as you can see from the pic, decided that they were infinitely cooler than her own!
I'll spare you the picture of Pete in Rosie's sunhat and Hello Kitty sunglasses!
We left quite late and headed back to the hotel to grab a quick tea, then off to bed.
We were planning on heading to either Magic Kingdom or Kennedy Space Centre tomorrow, but the weather forecast (for the first time!) is less than optimal. In fact it's supposed to be raining hard, all day long.
So we're going to go for a wander around Downtown Disney, do some shopping, and let the kids have a play in the Disney Quest arcade.
We'll try to head back to the hotel early afternoon so Rosie can have a good long afternoon nap, and I might even get the chance to do a couple of loads of washing!

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