Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day Twelve - Sea World

We decided to head somewhere different for breakfast today - Panera Bread, another place I'd read about.
It was certainly a good choice as their pastries and coffee were fabulous!
We arrived at Sea World on yet another hot, sunny day. I still can't believe how lucky we've been with the weather.
We headed straight for the Shamu Show as we figured it would be one of the busiest attractions.
We got great seats, although Charlie was a bit miffed because we wouldn't let him sit in the 'soak zone'. Mean parents eh!
Although he was slightly less miffed when he saw just how wet the people in the front twenty rows were by the end of the show!
Rather than little splashes of water, or even a heavy shower, the whales were sending giant waves over the edge of the tank, over and over again.
People were running away from their seats en masse, absolutely soaked to the skin. And yes, I was very pleased we'd decided to be mean and boring parents!
The whales were brilliant to watch - the sheer size of them was incredible.
The pictures aren't great - they were moving so fast it was hard to catch them, but you get the idea!
In fact, for some reason I hardly took any pictures today - probably because we were in shows or exhibitions for most of the day.
The kids did go on a few rides though, which they enjoyed (although you'd never believe it from Rosie's face in the picture! She wasn't as miserable as she looks - I think she was either just pre- or just post-smile!!)
The dolphin and bird show was pretty spectacular too - with some amazing acrobatics from the staff. Charlie was very amused by one of the birds, an eagle, which was supposed to make a dramatic entrance across the arena and land between two men in impressive costumes who were hanging upside down on trapezes.
However, the bird evidently had a bit of stage fright and refused to come out of his box, leaving the men dangling mid-air!
We saw the mother and baby dolphins in the dolphin nursery, and enjoyed visiting lots of polar animals after a rather bumpy (simulated!) helicopter ride.
Charlie was over the moon to find a massive log flume, and coerced Pete into riding it with him (who wasn't that keen following his triple drenching - and I mean drenching - at Jurassic Park!)
We wandered round the shops (more pins for the kids' lanyards, but no more teddies, thank goodness!!) and then decided to head back to our hotel.
We had leisurely tea, and now the kids are colouring quietly, so Pete and I are going to break the back of the packing, as we have an EARLY start on our last day, and we don't want to leave everything to the last minute tomorrow night.
I can't believe it's our last full day here tomorrow. It really has been a holiday of a lifetime. Charlie's never been on a two-week holiday before, and he's quite sad to be heading home soon.
I'll certainly miss the sun - it has been so lovely to be warm all the time!
We asked the kids where they wanted to go for the last full day and they both want to go to Universal again, so we're going to do their favourite bits of both parks - the morning at Islands of Adventure (Potter again!) and Universal Studios in the afternoon. Rosie is very keen to see lots of 'Bottom HeeHees' (Minions!) again!

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