Thursday, July 03, 2014

My son is awesome!

It's late, and I'm tired, and we've got a pretty manic week ahead, but I just had to post to say how proud I am of my Charlie-Boy.
There was a big show at a local theatre tonight for his musical theatre class. The lady who runs the class also has a massive dance school, so the show was predominantly dancers - from tots in tutus (I was totally picturing Rosie strutting her stuff...) to astonishingly brilliant adult dancers on points.
But there was a big section for the musical theatre kids. They were singing a few numbers from 'Hairspray' and, like I said in the heading, Chas was awesome!
He's never been the most co-ordinated of kids. I think the fact he couldn't hop or run properly, let alone dance, until after his Fontan when he was six and a half meant he was a bit delayed in some of his gross motor skills. Not to mention he'd be breathless and blue within less than a minute.
But tonight, I watched him singing, dancing (perfectly in time) and acting (he's quite the comedian and got a couple of laughs from the audience) for about 15 minutes, non-stop. He beamed throughout the whole performance. He just loves being on stage and relishes every minute in the limelight.
He was so well practised, along with his friends. He knew exactly what to do, and when, and he did it brilliantly.
Watching him up on stage in front of 400-odd people, it was hard to believe he was given only a 50-60% chance of even reaching school age.
Honestly, I could explode with pride sometimes. I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, grinning like a loon. I have to restrain myself from telling everybody 'That's my son up there!!'
There's another two nights of show to come, plus he and Pete are heading off to London on Saturday for a BHF-ad related photo shoot, and then he's off to Birmingham Symphony Hall on Tuesday for a Taiko drumming performance with school.
His life is so full - and he loves it.
Keep up the good work Charlie-Barley. I really am impossibly proud of you. xxx

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