Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time is gliding swiftly by...

That's the first line of an old hymn I used to sing when I was little, but it really fits the bill at the moment.
Time seems to be running away with me lately - we've only got about two weeks left of the summer holiday now, and the first month has shot by.
We've fitted a lot of fun in though, with quite a bit more left to come - some of which Charlie has NO idea about yet... I LOVE surprises! Watch this space!
He and I went to see Cats at the Millennium Centre a week or so ago, which was fun. I've never seen it before, although we knew some of the big numbers. Charlie loved watching it, and really appreciated how much work all the dancers were putting in, having done a bit of dancing with his theatre group.
We've got a busy couple of weeks ahead - we're off to meet Charlie's heart friend Thomas at the safari park on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we're having a visit from Grace - the baby girl with HLHS like Charlie, whose mum worked with my brother.
Then Charlie's off to stay with Nanny for a couple of days, which he's really looking forward to (although I imagine Rosie will miss him like mad again!)
And the week after that, it's back to school on the Wednesday. But Rosie has a final 'taster' session at playschool on the Tuesday, so Charlie's coming with us to that. I wasn't sure if he'd want to come, but he was well up for it - he's looking forward to going back to his old stomping ground! Many of the staff who looked after him are still there, so I imagine they'll be pleased to see how much he has grown. He was pretty blue and breathless when he was there, as he didn't have his Fontan until he was six, so they'll be amazed how much better he is these days.
Rosie's first proper day at playschool is September 9 (Will's birthday!) and she can't wait to get there. She was a bit miffed yesterday as Charlie was choosing his new pens and pencils for school because she didn't get to pick any for 'little school'.
And as always, once the kids go back to school, we'll be starting the mad roll down towards their birthdays, with all the fun and mad cake-making that brings!
Here's a pic of the cheeky pair in Pete's office - Charlie's getting scarily grown up, and as for Rosie - she is such a pickle. :-)

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