Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Well, our little Rose turned three today - I can hardly believe it. I honestly don't know where my baby has gone.
Her birthday didn't get off to a very good start - she was sick twice yesterday (once in my car - yuck) and generally didn't feel very well at all.
When she woke up this morning, she was still pale and her nose was streaming, but she wasn't feeling sick any more, and was soon clamouring for a piece of toast.
Despite looking a bit grotty, she was so excited that it was finally her birthday and her streaming nose didn't stop her having a fabulous time.
She had loads of lovely presents to open, and was absolutely delighted with everything - she kept saying to the world in general: 'Thank you, thank you - I love my birthday presents...'
The postman brought even more parcels, and two more friends delivered presents during the day, so she had a really wonderful time.
She was a bit sad that she couldn't go to playschool as she'd chosen a cake to take and share with her friends there, but we've promised she can take her cake and wear her birthday t-shirt when she goes back next week, for a belated celebration.
She really had had such lovely presents, and has had so much fun playing with everything.
We all sang happy birthday to her at teatime and she blew out the candles on her cupcakes (repeatedly...) which pleased her no end.
And she's very excited about tomorrow - Nanny is coming, and it's her first proper birthday party! She and seven little friends are off to Café Junior for a couple of hours of fun, so I'll be sure to take some pictures.
I've attached a few pics of the birthday girl - you'll have to ignore her pale snottiness - she had a fantastic day, and keeps telling everybody "I'm three now! Three. I'm a big girl. Next time I'll be four!"

Happy Birthday Rosie-Pie. We love you SO much. xx

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Ann Fisher said...

Oh my word, she's the image of you Ali! I can't believe she's 3 already, can't wait to see pictures of the cake!