Saturday, March 14, 2015

Homeward bound...

Well, Charlie and I have had a fabulous day and we're now on our way home (having had lots of fun filling our faces in the first class lounge at Paddington!)
Les Mis was as fantastic as always - the chap playing Javert was phenomenal.
There was a bit of unexpected drama about half way through though, when the little boy playing Gavroche fell off the barricade. He was climbing down and lost his footing, falling about four feet and landing hard on the stage, to an audible gasp from the audience and the cast.
Two other actors picked him up - I don't think he had really hurt himself, but he was clearly winded, so they helped him offstage and one of the women on the barricade stepped in seamlessly, and sang his lines instead.
Fortunately he reappeared on stage about five minutes later for his next big scene, so obviously wasn't badly hurt.
I was impressed with how professionally and smoothly it was managed though - in fact Charlie didn't see him fall, and was asking me afterwards why a girl had sung Gavroche's lines!
It's been a long, but lovely day and I'm looking forward to getting home now. Not least because I just had a teary goodnight phonecall from Rosie. It's the longest I've ever been away from her, and she's a bit sad I'm not there to put her to bed. :-(
I promised I'll go straight up and give her a kiss when I get in - hopefully she'll settle ok for Pete.
And tomorrow is Mother's Day, so I'm looking forward to a lazy day with both of my little treasures! (Oh, and Pete too, of course!)

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