Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quick catch-up...

Hi folks.
All is well here, although life is as busy as always!
Charlie is up to his neck in rehearsals at the theatre, but loving every minute. He's also preparing for the national tests at school next month, so his teachers are giving the class lots (and lots) of practice papers to do.
I can't believe he's into his final term at primary school - I've just had to apply for his bus pass to get to secondary school in September, and we're starting to look at uniform lists and the like. He also starts meeting the teachers and visiting the school from next month onwards.
Pete and I, and probably the liaison nurse from the hospital too, will have to make a couple of extra visits to the school, just so they're fully aware about his heart. Or as Pete calls it, 'our annual scare-a-teacher day'!
Do you like his new T-shirt? His heart friend Danny was wearing the same one on his mum's Facebook page the other day, so I asked her where she'd got it from and ordered one for Charlie too - after all, we definitely need to 'Remember, remember the fifth of November' because it's Charlie's birthday!!
Rosie is on top form and still loving playschool. I just had to fill in the form for her sessions there next year, and she'll be going five days a week - four mornings and one afternoon. She's growing up so fast.
She's also spent this morning playing with a cardboard box - so far it's been a house and a car, and now it's a bed, from which to watch Topsy and Tim on the Kindle!

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Claire said...

Yay! So pleased they are t-shirt twins now. :-) x