Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We're still here...

Hi folks - my mum has been mentioning rather pointedly that the latest post on the blog is still saying Merry Christmas, so I thought I'd better write a quick update. (In fact, I need to write a LONG update - I SO need to get back into blogging regularly...)
So here I am. And a belated Happy New Year!
All is well here - Charlie and Rosie are back at school/playschool and I'm already counting the days until half term next month!
Both kids are fine - Charlie had pacemaker clinic just before Christmas and he's doing great. He'd grown just over 4cm in six months - the top of his head is up to the bridge of my nose and he's now wearing the same size shoes as me!!
He's still enjoying secondary school (I don't think I even did a post when he first started - I shall remedy that with a photo of him in his smart uniform ASAP!) and he's starting to look forward to his choir trip in the summer. I can't remember if I mentioned on the blog before, but he's off to Lake Garda in July on a tour with his school choir. Eek! Only for a few days, but it's pretty terrifying for me to think about... Plus there are a lot of hoops to jump through. So far I've sorted out additional insurance for him, because the standard school policy won't give him enough cover. And we're about half way through organising his oxygen for the flight - I've filled in a form, his consultant has filled in a form and they've been sent back to the airline. Now we just have to wait for confirmation and to hear if they want us to pay even more money for the privilege of using their oxygen cylinder!! And to top the lot, his passport expires soon so we'll have to get a new one of those too!
Mind you, we've also just booked a family holiday to France for August, so he'll get a bit of use out of it this year.
Chas is still really enjoying taking to the stage at the theatre - he really has found his niche. He's been in a few shows now, and loves every minute in he spotlight. We had a lovely surprise at the theatre Christmas show - the trustees of the group decided to do a bucket collection for Little Hearts Matter during the interval and raised £330! I'm attaching a pic of the lady who runs the theatre group presenting Charlie with the money on LHM's behalf.
Talking of LHM, I recently did a voiceover for a new video for them all about Charlie and his life with half a heart. It's on YouTube, so I'll share the link once I remember how to do it on Blogger!
As for my Rosie-girl, she's also getting taller by the minute (she's definitely got her dad's height genes...) She's loving playschool and is very into writing - she came home today with a letter she'd written me at playschool that said 'To Mummy, Love Rosie xxx'. She wrote it all by herself and spelled everything right too! She also really enjoys playing 'sums'. She's pretty good at adding/subtracting numbers up to ten. (Again, must be Pete's influence - maths genes are NOT strong on my side of the family!) She seems to have a bit of a flair for languages too - she's picking up loads of Welsh at playschool and is even learning bits of French from Charlie.
Am attaching a pic of her from this evening - a cheeky monkey in checked pyjamas!
Anyway, it's late so I'd better go to bed - Charlie has to be out of the house earlier these days to catch the bus to school, and I have to be up early too, to make sure he leaves on time (and doesn't forget anything!)
So, I'll be back soon - I need to trawl through the photos on my phone, so I can write a few catch-up posts on things I've missed when I've been slacking off from blogging!

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