Friday, July 22, 2016

Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Sent from my iPhoneWell, it was another sunny day today, so we decided to go out.
We dithered a bit about where to go, and ended up heading off to the Roman remains in Caerleon.
(I don't pronounce Caerleon the proper Welsh way ('ky-err-lay-on'), I tend to anglicise it and say Cuh-Lee-un - but every time I mentioned the place name, Rosie thought I was saying 'Uncle Ian' and was looking everywhere for my brother!!)
We had a great time wandering round the Roman baths and the museum, and then had a quick walk around the ruins outside.
We finished up with a cool drink at a café and headed home.
It was a lovely, relaxed afternoon and didn't cost a penny - apart from the drinks - because the parking was free, as was entry to both the baths and the museum.
I have a feeling we might be heading back there before the summer holidays are over.
Oh - I just realised I didn't post any pics of Rosie's last day at Playschool. I feel a 'first day/last day comparison' pic coming on! Will save that for another post though...

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