Friday, September 09, 2016

Fourteen years.

Fourteen years ago today, we said hello and goodbye to this beautiful boy. He was only with us for fifteen minutes, but we wouldn't have missed them for the world.

Neither Charlie nor Rosie met him, but as far as they are both concerned, he is as much their big brother as he would be if he were here with us today.

"You made us parents,
Your power was such -
Before we ever met you,
We loved you so much.

You taught us so much
In the time that you had.
And we're so very proud of you,
Our brave little lad.

You - our best boy -
You taught us to cram
A lifetime of love
Into too short a span.

Hushabye, Hushabye,
Our beautiful son.
The long day is over,
And night-time has come."

Happy Birthday Will. xxx

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Tiffany Harris said...

So sorry for your loss. Will be saying a prayer for you.