Friday, January 20, 2017

Victorian Day

Today was a dress-up day at school for Rosie - all the kids dressed up as poor Victorians (specifically the Chartists - a subject which I studied to death at A Level and vowed never to think about ever again...)
She had a great day, and learned all about Victorian toys as well.
We have a quiet weekend ahead, thank goodness. It's been a fairly hectic week (not least because somebody saw fit to hack our PayPal account and spend £90-odd of our money on shoes...
So I've been running around filing fraud reports with the police, telling the shoe company not to deliver the shoes to the thieving so-and-so, and hassling PayPal to give us the money back!)
Charlie's working hard at the moment - he's off to the House of Lords next month - he's speaking at a Little Hearts Matter Event there, so he's in the middle of writing a speech, while recording voiceovers for a DVD he made with them last October half term.
He's also rehearsing for two different shows, preparing for a theatre exam, and has signed up for a week-long residential theatre summer school in the West End in August, which he's looking forward to already. (I'm quite jealous actually - it sounds fantastic, but it's only for people up to 21 so that rather rules me out!)
Anyway - that's all for now folks - have a great weekend! :-)

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