Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Keynote Speaker!

Meet the keynote speaker at the Welsh Fetal Cardiovascular Network's Annual Meeting!
So proud of this boy - he stood up in front of a lecture theatre at full of obstetricians, cardiologists, sonographers and fetal medicine consultants and spoke for 15 minutes about what life is really like with half a heart.
He absolutely nailed it, and left most of the audience in tears (me included!)
And yesterday, he received an invite to the British Medical Association's Patient Information Awards in London in the autumn - Little Hearts Matter's Fontan booklet (which focuses on Charlie's journey through his Fontan surgery) has been nominated for an award, and he has been asked to attend the awards ceremony.
But before that, he's off to a week-long residential theatre school in the West End, culminating in a performance onstage at Her Majesty's Theatre (home to Phantom of the Opera, no less!)
He has such a busy life, but he loves it. The past fortnight, he's finished rehearsals and completed a run of one show, then done his speech, then prepped for an audition yesterday. He got the part, so now the next round of rehearsals begins.
He really never ceases to amaze us. :-)

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Monica Kapler said...

Awesome! He is such a great young man. I love seeing what a productive and happy life he enjoys with all he has overcome. Thanks for continuing to share his journey.