Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve...

Ok, I know - two posts in as many days - I'll give you a moment to recover from the shock...

So, today has been lovely. We were up earlyish and headed off to Cheltenham for our annual trip to see Father Christmas on a steam train. The roads were quiet and we had a fab journey with carols on the radio all the way.
The train ride is always really mellow - not at all commercialised, and signals the start of Christmas for us.
Father Christmas was chatty and the home-made mince pies, as always, were fabulous.
Then we headed off to the cathedral in Gloucester for the carol service - you simply can't beat belting out Hark the Herald accompanied by brilliant choristers and a mahoosive pipe organ!
So now we're back home, and just waiting for Father Christmas to arrive!
Charlie was showing Rosie the NORAD Santa tracker earlier, so I keep hearing a little voice whispering down the stairs: "Where is he now Mum?" (For the record, he's currently in Malawi, on his way to Mozambique!!)
So there's nothing much left to do now, apart from to watch (another!) carol service on the TV and make sure everything is ready for what is likely to be a rather early wake-up call!
Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

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