Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 29, 2010

A quiet day for us today.
Charlie and I pottered round this morning - played with some of his new toys and had a few battles on Wii Party.
We had to venture out into the grey, damp and foggy day (the snow is all gone now) to go to the tip because we forgot to put the bins out yesterday and missed the rubbish collection. There was a massive queue to get into the rubbish dump though, so I guess we weren't the only ones who were caught out!
We're in a bit of a post-Christmas slump here - or rather I am - Charlie is as full of beans as always!
Pete went back to work today (albeit only into his 'office' upstairs!) so I've been trying to get tidied up around here... without much success.
I'm taking the decorations down bit by bit - they always seem a bit sad once Christmas is over. We'll keep the tree up until after New Year though.
After all the mad rush and panic before Christmas, once it's all over - dinner cooked and eaten, shopping finally finished, presents wrapped and handed out, receipts distributed for presents that seemed like such a good idea at the time but turned out not to be - all that's left is a mountain of sweets and biscuits (which all have to be eaten by the new year so the heathy eating kick can begin again...) and a VERY untidy house!
Now seems like a very good time to start thinking about booking a summer holiday! We don't know where we fancy going yet - but we're hoping to head off somewhere hot and sunny with a beach for Chas to play on.
Anyway, it's after midnight now so I really ought to go to bed - I need my strength for tomorrow's round of Wii Party with Chas!

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Ann Fisher said...

Classic! I'm desperate to take the decorations down as soon as Christmas day is over, we booked our summer holiday yesterday, and my house is a total tip (10 of us around our table on Christmas day) and only just getting through the left overs. I did remember the bin though, but I have to be vigilant as ours is always full to the top as it is! Love to Chas, who will be haapily oblivious to it all. XX