Sunday, September 04, 2011

Back to school tomorrow...

I can hardly believe the holidays are over.
They have truly flown by, and we are heading swiftly back into the day-to-day grind of packed lunches, PE kits, homework and long days without my boy.
We've had such a busy holiday, although I don't seem to have achieved much of what I intended to when Charlie broke up, back in July.
It's so crazy to think that, all being well, next time Charlie is on holiday from school, he will have his little sister here to play with - and there is so much I need to do in the meantime.
We can't wait for our little girl to arrive, but it's still strange to think how much our life is going to change over the next month or so.
Charlie is counting the days until her due date (for the record, it's 28!) and is so excited to finally meet and cuddle her.
We are at the hospital again on Friday for a scan, so we will find out if she is still breech.
I have a sneaking suspicion that she is, because I can feel something big, round and head-like jammed right up under my ribs, and she still seems to be tap-dancing on my bladder.
So, we'll just have to wait and see what the plan is.
I'm off to iron Charlie's school shirts. (I am not happy - I bought Marks and Spencer's best non-iron shirts, and they have come out of the dryer looking like they have been slept in. Sigh.)
I forgot to post about how we got on at Les Mis... in spite of still being a bit under the weather, Alfie Boe was fantastic, and Matt Lucas was really funny.
Charlie was riveted for the whole three hours, and would grab my hand and lean forward out of his seat with the most enormous grin whenever Alfie Boe belted out one of the 'big' notes!
As the last song ended, Charlie was on his feet (on his seat!) cheering and clapping like a loon.
All in all, a brilliant day - and Chas was VERY lucky to catch Alfie Boe on stage because he was off ill most of the preceding week, and has been unable to perform quite a few times since.
Oh, and our blog has had stacks of visitors over the past few days because someone picked up on my post about Charlie meeting Alfie Boe, and put a link to it on Alfie's official website!
Like I said last week, a seven-year-old fan seems to be something of a novelty!
Charlie has been baking cookies this afternoon - and other than me putting them into/taking them out of the oven, he did everything else himself, totally unsupervised, and they are yummy!
Anyway, I think that's about it for now - the non-iron shirts are begging to be ironed.
I'll try to get a back-to-school pic of Charlie in the morning - assuming we don't all end up oversleeping!

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