Friday, September 02, 2011


Charlie had to have his double INR test this morning.
Claire, the liaison nurse from the hospital, came to our house to do it because we had the meeting with the school later on to discuss Charlie's care as he moves into Juniors.
We needed to test his blood on our machine and on hers, to make sure the readings are the same, which means he needs to have two finger pricks.
Unfortunately his fingers weren't cooperating at all today and wouldn't bleed, so the poor little blighter ended up with not two but FIVE finger sticks.
He wasn't very happy.
We got there in the end though, and his INR was nicely in range at 2.4.
I don't need to test him again for a month now, which is good!
That's assuming I'm not in labour then, because the baby is due a month today! Eek.
I really don't feel organised at all, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end!
I can't believe he goes back to school on Monday - this holiday has flown by and I'll really miss him.

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