Thursday, January 26, 2012

Angry Bird = Happy Charlie!

I was out shopping and spotted a lady selling these funky Angry Birds hats on a stall.
Charlie LOVES Angry Birds, and he's pretty keen on unusual headgear too so I had to get one for him! (And they were only a fiver, which I thought was a real bargain!)
He's been wearing it all evening - despite some very quizzical looks from Rosie - who, for the record, slept for over three hours during the day today!! I know I should have used the time to do something really productive, but the new Patricia Cornwell book that Pete bought me for Christmas was calling me!
(Ignore the big streaks down the front of Charlie's jumper - he turned the tap on too hard in the kitchen and splashed water all over himself... and the floor, the walls and the windows!)

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