Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012

I had to take this pic of Rosie-Posy today because she looked so cute in her little pinafore dress! She wouldn't look at the camera though because Charlie was dancing around to entertain her!
It's such a novelty having a daughter - there are so many more clothes around for girls than boys - and Rosie was given such a lot of beautiful outfits when she was born. I'm having loads of fun putting them all on her before she grows out of them.
She really seems to be growing before our eyes - she's into size 3 nappies now, and she has almost grown out of her little soft shoes. (I love her red shoes - they were one of the few things I bought before she was born because I liked them so much. Don't laugh, but I bought exactly the same shoes in a bigger size a couple of weeks ago - they were in the sale this time round and only cost a couple of quid - so she'll have super-cute shoes for a few more months to come!)
It's been really cold here the last couple of days - the forecast is threatening snow. Charlie would be very pleased with a bit of the white stuff - we haven't had any at all this winter. Plus, it would give Rosie an excuse to model some of her winter gear! :-)

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