Sunday, January 22, 2012

Panto time!

We had a great time at the panto yesterday - it was Robinson Crusoe, and was a lovely post-Christmas treat.
Charlie bought a flashing pirate sword and a big foamy 'Boo' hand on the way in, and insisted that Rosie had a flashing butterfly wand thing for her first panto!
Charlie's friend Tasha was dancing in the show so we had loads of fun spotting her in all her different costumes all the way through. She knew where we were sitting and kept flashing secret smiles in our direction because obviously she wasn't allowed to wave at us during the show! During the finale though, all the dancers were waving to the audience, so Charlie and Tash were waving frantically to each other across the theatre!
Rosie really enjoyed the whole experience too - she behaved beautifully throughout and was absolutely glued to what was happening on stage until she finally dozed off about half way through.
I'm not sure we'll be going again for a few years though because I'm not sure she'll sit so nicely this time next year when she's 15 months old!!

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