Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick update...

Hi folks! I've been a bit disorganised lately when it comes to blogging so I thought I'd better catch up!
I didn't get around to updating after Rosie was weighed the other day, so here's her somewhat belated three-month post!
She's up to 13lbs 15oz now, so very nearly a stone!
She's still eating and sleeping well, although she doesn't sleep much during the day any more - I think she doesn't want to risk missing anything!
But I'll gladly entertain her during the day in exchange for my 9-10 hours sleep at night!
Talking of entertaining her - she's discovered a new love... Charlie's old baby bouncer! She really likes jumping around in the doorway and twirling round on her tippy-toes.
Charlie was never one of those babies who put everything in his mouth, but Rosie is. Toys, blankets, clothes, my fingers - anything she gets her hands on, it all goes straight into her mouth!
I'm pretty sure she's teething as well - she's chomping on her fists all the time and drooling like a fountain. I can feel a little jaggedy bump on her lower gum, so maybe it won't be too long before we have to kiss goodbye to her gummy little smile. :-(
She started rolling from front to back last week and is really starting to enjoy tummy time now.
She's really sturdy on her legs now and her head and back are very strong.
I think she's going to be a chatterbox, like her Mum (and her Nanny!) We're getting lots of coos and gurgles in response to us talking to her, and she's experimenting with lots of different sounds.
She likes it when we sing to her - her current favourites (the ones that always make her smile!) are 'The wheels on the bus', 'Ring a Ring o' Roses', 'If you're happy and you know it' and 'Soldier, Soldier'.
Somewhat worryingly, Rosie also seems to like bad advertising jingles - if I sing the jingles off the 'Go Compare' or 'We-Buy-Any-Car-Dot-Com' adverts, we get shoulder-shaking, nose-scrunching belly laughs!
Other favourite things at the moment are mirrors, crinkly books, her cuddly bunny and her Lamaze dolly.
She's also a bit of a snooker fan, it seems, and sat on Pete's knee for ages the other day, glued to the snooker on the TV! I remember Charlie loving the snooker when he was tiny too - I think it must be the colours.
Sorry if that's all a bit boring for you, but I'm trying to keep a record of everything as we go along!
As for the best big brother in town - he's on top form too. He's so good with his little sis - he's always singing to her, chatting to her and showing her all his treasures.
I love to see the pair of them snuggled up in his big bed at bedtime and eavesdropping on their 'conversations' as I get Charlie's uniform ready for the next day.
Last night I found him showing her his photos of Dad and Will and telling her how they live in Heaven now.
I have to admit, my eyes were full as I heard Chas telling her all about their Grandpa.
"...He was SOOOO clever Rose. He built my wardrobe over there, and put up those shelves and he made my wooden duck. He used to call me Diggy and we used to watch 'In the Night Garden' together and he always played 'Round and Round the Garden' with me. I wish he hadn't had to die before you could meet him - even if he had to get cancer, I wish he could have waited until after you were born..."

I was so sad that Rose would never know her Grandpa - but I guess I need not have worried. She'll meet him through Charlie's memories. (And my wonderful boy has a VERY good memory!)
Anyway, it's late so I'd better sign off for now - we've got a busy weekend to look forward to though - we're off to the pantomime on Saturday, and Pete and our next-door neighbour need to fix the garden fence that almost blew down in the gales the other night (doubtless they'll be ably assisted by Charlie-Barley!)
That's all for now folks!

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Ann Fisher said...

Rosie might not have met her Grandpa but she does have an amazing big brother, telling all those things about him. He's so grown up and so lovely, you can be really proud of him.

PS What are you doing dangling that baby up in those big pants?! lol!