Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006

Well, we're back from Eurodisney, and what a week that was! Charlie was smitten with all the Disney characters and wouldn't stop cuddling them! They all seemed pretty taken with him too - we think maybe his fair hair made him stand out - because they were pushing other children out of the way to reach him! He went on the rides (particularly taken with Dumbo the flying elephant and the spinning teacup ride - in fact, we heard him playing in the garden this morning saying 'Oh no, it's a runaway teacup!' - so it obviously made quite an impression!) and really enjoyed the tram ride around the film set with all the stunts. He ate really well, and sat through all the parades clapping his hands, giving high-fives to any passing characters, and taking pictures with his own camera! (We've yet to have the film developed though, so will report later on whether we have our own David Bailey or not!). I've attached stacks of pictures of the holiday in a separate posting below - I couldn't decide which to put on, so went for them all!
The day after we got back, Charlie had his next induction day at playschool in anticipation of his start date on the 21st. Yet again he loved every minute and wasn't bothered whether we were there or not! Admittedly, I'm getting a bit edgy about him being there without us, but the staff are brilliant and have been quite happy for me to keep checking whether I've told them everything they need to know!
It would have been Will's fourth birthday on the 9th - can't quite believe how the time has flown. As has become our tradition, we took him some flowers in the morning and then went to the zoo to celebrate the day that he was born.
No more news for the time being - will update again soon though, no doubt there'll be plenty of 'first day at playschool' pictures to share with you!

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Wendy Turner said...

Glad to hear and see that you had a fab time and that you fouond Winnie the pooh. Hope all goes well on the 21st for all of you!
Hope to see you soon
lots of love
Auntie Wendy