Saturday, October 28, 2006

October 28, 2006

Cheeky Charlie has passed another big milestone - he's moved out of his cot and into his 'big boy bed'! He is thrilled to bits with it, and particularly with his new duvet cover, which is covered with pictures from the film 'Cars'. We were a bit worried that his great sleep routine might be messed up, but so far he's settled really well, and hasn't got out of bed in the morning either! (I'm wondering if he doesn't realise he can get out of his new bed!) Once we finally get our camera back from the repairers, I'll post a picture of him with his smart new bed!
It was a bittersweet moment, moving his cot out of his bedroom - I washed all his Mr Men cot bedding, and then, as I was folding it to put in the airing cupboard, I realised he'll never go in his cot again! I have such mixed feelings - part of me is over the moon to see him growing up, while part of me is horrified just how quickly the time is flying by. It's hard to believe he's three next Sunday. (He keeps asking how many more sleeps until his birthday!)
Developmentally he's doing brilliantly - the health visitor is coming at the end of November to do his three-year check, but told me that he passed all the milestones they check for months ago! He knows the alphabet and is really keen to sound out the letters and is always asking what words say. He's also counting up to thirty-odd now and is quite into adding and taking away (I think he's definitely got Pete's maths skills!)
We're so proud of him.

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