Friday, October 13, 2006

October 13, 2006

Playschool is still a big success as far as Charlie's concerned - he's thoroughly enjoying himself there and is very disappointed if he realises that today isn't a playschool day! It's actually meant that he's learned the days of the week, because he wants to keep tabs on when his next playschool day is!
The teachers are very happy with him and have nicknamed him 'The Whirlwind' because he's on the go the whole time. (Admittedly, I feel a bit stupid now, having given them all the information about his limited exercise tolerance, and then having them ask me if he ever actually walks anywhere, rather than running!)
So far we haven't had any problems with the drop-off bit - he just runs on in, and I'm having to chase him for a goodbye kiss! All being well he should stay as keen as he is. Some of the other mums are having lots of tears when they leave their little ones, and I'd find that SO hard to deal with.
I can't post any new pictures at the moment, because our digital camera is in being serviced, but Charlie's having his first formal playschool photo next Friday, so hopefully I'll be able to get that scanned in so I can put that on his site.
I can hardly believe it's only about three weeks until his birthday - it's amazing to think that our little boy will be three. Party plans are in full force - he keeps giving me more names to add to the list of people he wants to invite. (If everyone turns up, we're already well over 20 children - eek!)
He's made lots of new friends at playschool - particularly his new best friend 'Ooby'. We thought it was probably a little girl called Ruby, but after much questioning and a tip-off from one of the playschool teachers, we've realised it's a boy called Reuben! It's so exciting that he's getting his own life, friends and interests independently of us.
Charlie's starting to get excited about Christmas already - yes, I know it's only October - blame Asda and all their festive merchandising! I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be our most magical Christmas yet.

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Lindsey said...

Hi Ali

Its great to hear that Chas has taken to playschool so well - what a little star!

This last year has just flown by, I remember when we met at the LHM open day and Chas' 2nd birthday was just around the corner and now he's nearly three - he'll be in a school uniform before you know it!

Take care :-)

Lindsey xx