Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 11, 2006

Just a quick update with a couple of pics - there's the one of Charlie just about to blow his candles out at his birthday party, plus we picked up our camera from the repair shop today, so Pete's been trying it out on Charlie this evening! (Incidentally, he's not turning into an Oompah-Loompah - he'd just been scoffing orange peppers in the pic above!)
He's had a really busy week this week - not least signing his name on 30-odd thank-you letters for all the presents he had for his birthday! He's had a lovely week, and still hasn't played with some of his new toys because there are SO many of them!
He's still enjoying playschool, and is already learning songs for Christmas. He sang me 'Away in a Manger' this morning which was lovely - but cue another Kleenex moment if all the playschool kiddies sing it at their Christmas party! However, this has meant that our Christmas carol CD has gone on earlier than ever before because he likes to sing along!
Charlie's doing so well at the moment - he's fought off the horrible cold and cough he's had without too much trouble, and his latest achievement is learning to spell his name. What a superstar! Maybe by next year he'll be able to write ALL of his own thank-you letters! I live in hope!!

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debbie said...

HI There Charlie, or charlies mummy and daddy, I hope you dont mind me writing on your blog but I picked your blog site up from Lucy's guest book, notice your just turned 3 and how fab is that what a big grown up boy you are.. and cute too.. I now I am being a little cheeky but notice you are going to a party soon in Northampton, that is not too far from me,, I am in Bedfordshire north beds as it happens..OH I forgot to say that I am a mum of a heart child called Charlie too, mine has TGA with VSD all corrected and is 11 years old, I also have a baby of 4 months too

any way just wanted to say hi, and what a cute little boy you are..