Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 3, 2006

Nothing major happening at the moment, just thought I hadn't updated for a while! Charlie's doing really well - so far seems to be fighting off all the horrible winter bugs without too many problems, although we're considering taking out shares in Sudafed Vapour Plug refills! Much as I love the festive season, winter really isn't much fun for a child with HLHS (or for the parents of said child!) because the constant coughs, colds, sniffles and tummy bugs are pretty wearing, and we're on permanent alert for anything that might need antibiotics, rather than just the usual cuddles and Calpol. Apparently this winter is likely to be warm and wet, rather than really cold, which is great in one way, because Chas does struggle more when it's cold, but I'm sure a really sharp cold snap gets rid of a lot of the nasty bugs flying around. Can't complain though - Charlie doesn't!
He's well and truly into the festive spirit, and the arrival of advent has only heightened his excitement! He's very good about only openingone door per day on his advent calendar, but I think this is helped by the fact that he's actually got TWO advent calendars, PLUS a string of 24 little stockings, each with a sweet in! The Christmas story (or Away in a Manger story, as he calls it!) is his big favourite at the moment, and he knows the whole story back to front. It's so lovely to hear him chatting away about the shepherds and the angels, and how Mary had a big tummy because she was having a baby! I've also had to do my research because he wanted to know exactly what Frankincense and Myrrh are (probably to make sure he didn't want to ask Father Christmas for them himself!) He was a little worried that the animals in the stable might eat baby Jesus because he was lying on their food, but his little Fisher Price nativity playset (yes, they do make them!) has an extra hay bale for the animals to eat, so panic over!
We've been to Bath today for a wander around the Christmas market, and we've got loads of festive things planned for the next few weeks. It is a bit difficult this year, because we're not sure when his next op will be - so we don't know if this will be the last Christmas before he has his fontan. We remain very positive about his next surgery, but it's very scary to think that it might be 'next year' rather than in the dim and distant future.
He's very keen on the whole Father Christmas thing, which is lots of fun, although all he wants F.C to bring him (now we've broken the news that he probably won't be able to bring Frank the Combine Harvester from Cars because you can't buy them ANYWHERE!) is a whoopee cushion! Typical boy eh - delighting in rude noises and lavatorial humour already!
We should be off to the hospital here in Cardiff this month for Charlie's regular checkup, although we haven't heard from them yet. Will post the date as soon as we have it.
The only other news at the moment is that Charlie had his three-year check with his health visitor this week and sailed through all of it with flying colours, which was very gratifying. Physically and mentally he's doing so, so well - and to think he's doing it all on oxygen saturations of 80-odd is nothing short of a miracle. But then we already know he's a miracle. I've attached a picture of him in Bath today - complete with bobble hat. We still can't figure out if we're putting it on him back to front, but it keeps his ears nice and warm, so who cares eh!

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