Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 21, 2007

Well, happy new year everyone - we've been a bit slack updating Charlie's blog lately - Charlie had a nasty throat with a high temperature and a headache over new year, and then Pete and I have both had tonsillitis. We all seem to be ok again now though, at last, and Charlie is as full of beans as always.
He's been back at playschool a week or two now, and is still loving every minute of it. He loves being with his friends, and is getting very good at drawing now - it's quite amazing when he comes out of playschool with a painting that actually looks like what he says it is! More often than not though, it's a picture of Grandpa (complete with glasses!) or one of the characters from Numberjacks, which is his latest favourite programme!
We took him to the pantomime last week, which he enjoyed - particularly the singing, dancing and booing! Then yesterday it was the (belated) Little Hearts Matter Christmas party, which was lots of fun. It was great to see all the children running around together and to have a good chat with other parents in the same boat as us.
We're off to the hospital tomorrow for his six-monthly checkup, so we're hoping all will be well. He seems fine though, so I don't think we have any reason to worry (any more than normal!) As usual, they'll be checking his height, weight and oxygen saturations, plus he'll have an ecg and an echo to see how things are going. We're going to ask the cardiologist if it's ok for Charlie to fly, because we'd quite like to take him on holiday somewhere warm this year, before he gets put on the waiting list for his cardiac catheter and insurance becomes an issue. Having spoken to other heart parents, it seems that it's usually ok, although having oxygen on standby is usually advised, just in case.
I'm attaching a belated pic of Charlie having his Christmas dinner!

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