Monday, January 22, 2007

January 22, 2007

Well, after a rather manic morning (why is it, the earlier your appointment, the later you end up leaving the hospital?) I'm happy to report that everything's going really well for Charlie as far as his heart's concerned.
As we arrived at the outpatients' clinic we bumped into the cardiologist who looked after both Charlie and Will while I was pregnant, and he couldn't believe how well Charlie is. He said that Charlie's colour was terrific, and assumed he'd already had his next op because he looks so good.
We're often told how well Charlie looks, but to hear it from someone who really knows what they're talking about is amazing. The doctor also said that it really did him good to see a child with HLHS doing so well, which was wonderful to hear.
Charlie behaved brilliantly throughout the appointment - we'd told him that if he was good he'd get one sticker from the nurse, but if he was REALLY good he'd get lots, so he was chuffed to bits when the nurse stuck ten stickers all over his arms, legs and chest to do his ECG!
As far as the tests were concerned, there has been no deterioration AT ALL since last time, seven months ago, which is nothing short of amazing. Charlie's oxygen saturations are still sitting happily at 83, his ECG and echo showed no problems, and his heart function is still really good.
We really are truly blessed with him.
Best of all, the consultant reassured us that there is no reason at all why Charlie can't fly, so hopefully (overdraft permitting!!) we'll be able to get away somewhere warm this summer! Charlie's already quite excited at the prospect of going in a plane!
Thanks to everyone who's been thinking of us today - it means more to us than you'll ever know.
Here's a picture of Charlie on the new bike he bought with his Christmas money - he loves it, but has only been on it a couple of times because the weather's been so awful!

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