Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26, 2007

Hello - it's been a little while since my last post here. There isn't much news really - life's just ticking along nicely. Charlie's doing really well - still going to a party every five minutes - one last weekend and another two next. (He seems to be a bit of a hit with the girls at the moment -he's particularly matey with Charlotte, Cerys and Fiona these days - the little monkey!)
Heart-wise all is well. We had a letter from Birmingham Children's Hospital last month (slightly concerning to see the postmark - I thought they'd decided to call Charlie for his Fontan operation already!). But it turns out that the consultant here in Cardiff had written to Birmingham after our appointment in January and we'd been copied in on the reply. Phew! The medics up in Brum are also very happy with how Chas is doing and how well he's maintaining. The consultant up there said he won't be doing Charlie's cardiac catheter until he's about four, so all being well it looks like we might get our wish to wait until next year for stage three.
Playschool is still a rip-roaring success as far as Charlie's concerned - he was thrilled to bits the other day because he was chosen to be 'biscuit monitor' because he was very good and tidied all the books away! Plans are afoot for his Easter Bonnet (well, maybe more of an Easter baseball cap - more manly, don't you know!) and we'll be heading off to the Easter bonnet parade next week some time. (Pictures will be forthcoming in due course!!). We've also been told that Charlie can have five sessions per week as of September instead of the three he has at the moment. He'll have four mornings 9.05-12.05 and one afternoon 1.15-4.45. Don't quite know what I'll do without him for all that time! Heaven help me when he starts school! It's scary - and wonderful, of course - to realise he's growing up so fast. The baby days are long gone, as is toddlerhood. I'll really miss him, but he's so sociable and just loves being with his friends and his teachers.
He's turning into quite a little brainbox now - he writes his name with no problems, and can read and write the rest of the alphabet. He's really starting to put reading and spelling together too - he can sound out any words that sound the way they're written, and recognises quite a few others. His favourite game at the moment is hangman (although we've renamed it 'Pussycat' so every time he gets a letter wrong we draw a bit of a cat, rather than a man headed for the gallows!).
That's about it for the moment. I'm attaching a picture of Charlie taken this evening after I'd finished cutting his hair. Doesn't he look grown up!

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