Thursday, February 08, 2007

February 8, 2007

Well, not much news at the moment - despite the weather forecast promising six inches of snow, we ended up with an inch and a half of slush which melted almost as soon as it landed.
Charlie was pretty disappointed as there wasn't enough snow to try out his new sledge - there was, however, enough to make his first snowman!
I've attached a pic of said snowman - complete with Charlie wearing about a million layers with his hat over his eyes!
There was no playschool this afternoon, much to his disappointment - despite the lack of snow, the local school and playschool were closed for the day.
I'm also attaching a couple of pictures we picked up yesterday - we were so pleased with how they turned out - the photographer really caught the essence of Charlie in them.
What a cheeky monkey he is!

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karen said...

Hi all,
I obtained your site details from the message boards on lhm, i thought i would take a peek.
What a beautiful little boy Charlie is, he looks so well!!

I love the snowman.

Anyway love & support to all, tell Charlie to keep on smiling

Love & Support
Karen Prior & Family. X