Monday, April 23, 2007

April 23, 2007

Well, the wonderful (unseasonably!) warm weather has come to an end today, so Charlie's back in his long trousers again! He's thoroughly enjoyed the last week or so, and has been in the garden the whole time, messing around in the sand pit and on the swing. You would not believe the colour of the bath water at the end of the day!
He's doing really well at the moment, and is getting really excited about our holiday to Portugal. His playschool has a resident teddy bear called Herman, and the children can book to take him on holiday with them! (Well, I suppose it's easier than looking after the class hamster!) Anyway, on Charlie's insistence, we've booked to take Herman with us, and we have to take pictures of him while we're away for Charlie to take in for show and tell! My only fear now is that poor Herman will get lost en route, and I'll end up lynched by a mob of furious three-year-olds!
Speaking of playschool, we have our first 'Parents' Day' at the beginning of May, so we have to go along and hear how Charlie's getting on. It sounds a bit daft, but all of these little firsts are so precious to us - things we never dared dream we'd do.
He also has his first playschool outing in June - to Bristol Zoo - so he and I will be heading off with all his little friends on the bus for the day - which he's also very excited about!
No other news at the moment - life's just ticking along nicely! I'm attaching a couple of pics - one is of Charlie and a parrot (?!?) we found on top of my car the other day, and the other is of Chas in the garden at the weekend - his face is filthy, but he looks so happy and full of life. Just as he is!

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bev.pearson said...

Just leaving a message to say that I am one of your lurkers! Glad to hear how well Charlie is doing.

Take care

Bev and Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

I often lurk here too to see how my nephew is getting along. Lovely to see him doing so well and enjoying the sunshine
Take Care

Auntie Wendy

Anonymous said...

so pleased to see Charlies's webpage. We can now keep up to date with all the latest news.
lots love
"uncle Eddy & Auntie Margaret"

Sarah WIlloughby said...

My son also has HLHS, he is 4 months old and had his Glenn April 10th. You son is absolutely beautiful, he looks so healthy.