Sunday, May 06, 2007

May 6, 2007

Charlie seems to be shooting up in the sunshine - he is getting taller and taller by the day. I'm hanging in for a return of the really warm weather so I can put him back in his shorts, because all of his long trousers are looking a little on the short side!
He is so much fun at the moment, and constantly amazes us with the things he knows, and the things he comes out with.
We had his first 'Parents' Day' at playschool the other day, and to say we are proud of him is the understatement of the decade. His teacher's first comment was 'He's very good, isn't he!' and then she proceeded to tell us that he is 'exceptionally bright' and his maths, reading, writing and social/emotional skills are way above average. And to think that he does all of this on oxygen saturations of 80-odd. She also told us that they don't need to make any exceptions for him because of his heart - other than making sure he's warm enough at playtime, and that he's not too puffed out running around like a headless chicken - he is just the same as all of the others. To be told 'You'd never know there was anything wrong with him' makes us so proud and happy. We've tried so hard not to wrap Charlie up in cotton wool, and not to let him get away with unacceptable behaviour just because of his heart, so to be told that his heart is not holding him back, and that he is doing so well educationally is great, great news. Ok, Ok, we'll stop doing the whole boring proud parent bit now!
Charlie's just inherited an old ipod, and has been tootling around all week with his headphones on, listening to various stories and singing along very loudly to all the theme tunes from the children's programmes! He really does think he's the bees knees!
Not much more news really - just a couple of Charlie's latest achievements (of which he is incredibly proud!!) - he's finally learned to suck sweets rather than crunch them to bits (his favourites are Victory Vs!!) and he can now hop! I've attached a picture of him mid-hop, modelling his new Numberjacks T-shirt! We found a lovely lady on ebay who makes these t-shirts, and our poor postman was accosted every day until it finally arrived! The only problem now is getting it off him to wash it!


bev.pearson said...

Just stopping by to say "hi".

Hope you are all doing well. I've updated Lucy's website now - sorry for not keeping in touch, but you will understand why when you read it.

Lots of love to you all

Bev xx

alyssa said...

He is soo cute!!!!