Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28, 2007

Well, another month has almost gone, and I've just realised how remiss I've been at updating Charlie's blog - so here we are.
Charlie is becoming more grown up by the day, and there is really nothing of the toddler left about him. It's strange as parents to realise that he can now do things that would never have let him do before, and we were so proud of him this weekend when we told him he could ride his bike to the end of the drive and back again, on his own. We both peered round the fence to watch him cycling proudly down the path, then carefully turning around at the limit we had given him and riding back!
He is getting taller and taller (I find it quite depressing that my three-and-a-half year old is less than two feet shorter than me!!) and is becoming more and more eloquent as the days go by. I had to tell him last week that his Great-Grandma had died, and was blown away by his response: 'The doctors couldn't make her better, so she's gone to live in Heaven with Will and Oliver [one of Charlie's friends] and Baby Jesus, and she's all better now.' I thought that was pretty profound for someone so young.
We went to the park today, and took Charlie's bike with us. My heart was full as I watched him rocketing around the path at a terrific speed. It is moments like this which make us so thankful for what we have in Charlie. When he was antenatally diagnosed with HLHS, we dared not even hope that we would bring him home from the hospital, let alone do 'normal' things like bike rides in the park. He has continually surprised and amazed us every step of the way, and doesn't let his heart hold him back.
Over tea today he told us that when he's a man he's going to sail a big boat all the way to Scotland - he did say he wouldn't go just yet because he might get lost, and that would make Mummy and Daddy sad! Don't quite know where he's got the Scotland thing from - maybe it's in the genes, as his great-Grandpa hailed from north of the border.
It's half-term this week, so Charlie and I will be pottering about together having fun - I'm making the most of having him around all the time, because come September he'll be at playschool every day (Monday afternoons and Tuesday-Friday mornings).
Not much more news really - things have just been ticking along nicely. I'm attaching a few pictures taken today.

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Anonymous said...

Just dropping you a line from Tampa, Florida...we are friends of Baby Leino, and they mentioned your blogspot on their blog.
So happy to see how far your little guy has come! Amazing! I love hearing success stories. Your little one is precious and so handsome! Will check back later!

Check my website if you want...

It's always fun to meet people from around the world! You seem like a very nice family! Thank you for sharing! ~Michelle

not a wife said...

i am sooo happy to see a child doing so well with this. congrats to you. and your son. he is beautiful. i say your link on babyleino's site. i hope and pray with all my heart that he gets the same opportunity to grow and flourish as your son did. i am praying. i love happy endings. many hugs

Abi said...

HI Alison,

so lovely to see more pics of Charlie doing so well!!This morning we had a coffee morning for LHM ( raised £500!!!) and I put out the leaflets with Charlie on all around! My husband commented that when he first saw these leaflets (before Corwin was born) he didn't think Corwin would make it let alone look so well as Charlie. Now Corwin is a picture of health like Charlie is on the leaflet with bright eyes and chubby cheeks!About the same age I think as Charlie then. It's great to see pics of Charlie growing older, it gives us so much hope.

I have made Corwin's montage but my laptop wont burn to dvd. Am going to try and do it on my brother's computer and will let you know if I am successful!

take care

abi x

Anonymous said...

What great pics
you were kind enough to reply to my daughter Victoria when she asked a question on lhm and seeing the pics of Charlie has given us hope that things may turn out better than we at one time thought