Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18, 2007

Hello everyone, just a quick update with a couple of new pictures. Today was the last day of term at playschool, and the children were invited to go to the party in fancy dress. We did have a quick look at the Spiderman costumes, but they were all too big (thank goodness!), so after much thinking, Charlie decided he would go as a doctor.
He's very into his toy medical kit at the moment, and one of his favourite games is to come into our room in the morning with his plastic half-moon doctor's glasses on, and his case under his arm, with the words 'Hello, I'm Doctor Charlie. What's the matter with you today?' I'm quite happy to play patient as it means I get five minutes peace lying on the sofa with my eyes shut while he wraps various extremities in grubby bandages.... mind you, it's never very long before he starts laying into me with his reflex hammer!
I've attached a pic of Doctor Charlie on his way to playschool this morning. It's quite hard to believe that the whole school year has gone by since we were eagerly anticipating him starting playschool last summer. They do say time flies when you're having fun, and Charlie's certainly had a year full of fun with all his new friends. It's quite scary to think that if the next year goes as quickly, his Fontan operation will be upon us before we know it.
Our building work is coming along nicely, although Charlie's quite enjoying having a half-finished conservatory in the back garden because it makes a great fort when he's having water pistol battles with Daddy! We've had a couple of warm days lately (you really wouldn't believe it's mid-July!) so once Pete gets in from work, the two of them head into the garden for a spot of quick-draw water pistol squirting! (I've attached a pic of Charlie mid-battle above!)
Not much more news really, we're just ticking along nicely. Heart-wise and health-wise Charlie seems to be doing really well at the moment - we're just hoping for another spot of really warm weather as he's itching to get back in his paddling pool. He keeps asking when we're going back to Portugal! Hmmm - thirty degree heat and wall-to-wall sun..... maybe that's not such a bad idea!

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