Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007

Well, we're feeling a bit like Noah at the moment, with all the torrential rain - but at least Noah had the benefit of a boat! Our builders have had some fun working in the rain, but have done very well and the end is in sight - all being well everything should be finished by Monday - thank goodness.
The main reason for this post is just to let you know that we've had the date for Charlie's hospital check up now - it's on August 20 at 9am. We're a little edgy about this, because we can't help but feel that we're stepping back onto the hospital rollercoaster, and that Charlie's fontan surgery isn't very far away any more.
However, our fears for Charlie's next surgery have been put into perspective by baby Isaac's situation (I mentioned him in my last post). He is back at home now, but I don't have any further updates on how he's doing. His parents are hoping for a miracle for little Isaac, and we are too.
There's not much more news really. Charlie's still shark-mad - well, sea-life mad, to be precise. He's fast asleep in bed as I type this, with not only his cuddly collie dog, Max, and Po the Teletubby, but also an enormous yellow crab, two sharks and a plastic puffer fish. In fact, I had to wrestle his shark socks off him at bedtime!
We took him to see Shrek 3 at the cinema last week, and he sat glued to the screen through the whole thing. So Shrek is another big favourite at the moment - see the attached photo!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,
Your mom sure takes good pictures of you! I think the one with that
Shrek mask is great. And, there is nothing as refreshing as a great water pistol fight on a hot day! I am glad to see you are having such a wonderful summer.
Thanks for putting a smile of my face.
Isaac's grandma,
Lynn Leino