Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

Hi everyone, Charlie's at playschool this morning. He started back yesterday afternoon, but today was his first morning session. I have to admit, getting him up and out for 9am was something of a challenge - especially as he hadn't woken up by 8.20, so it was a case of getting him out of bed, throwing some clothes on him, throwing him into the bathroom to clean his teeth, throwing a bit of toast down him, throwing him into the car and throwing him into playschool! Perhaps we'll get more used to the early start as the term goes on, (but I'm not holding out much hope!) He's full of beans at the moment and is doing really well - I'll post a new pic when I get five minutes! The birthday party round has already started again, as he came marching out yesterday afternoon with an invitation. I suppose it's only another eight weeks until Charlie's birthday - I can hardly believe he'll be four. His biggest dilemma at the moment is what birthday cake he'd like - so far, we've gone through Numberjacks, a shark, Old Bear and Finley the Fire Engine. And there's still two months to go!!
We are still on the rollercoaster with my dad. Further to my last post, dad remained very alert and stable throughout Saturday and Sunday, and following another CT scan was told that he was doing fine and wouldn't need the surgery any more. The plan was to do some intensive physio, and then get him home. But yesterday my mum and brother saw him, and both they and the nurses found him to be a bit confused and muddled with his words at times. He was awake all the time though, so we don't really know what's going on. It could be that the pressure in his head is building up very gradually, and that he will need the shunt after all, or maybe the confusion is just an after-effect of the head injury and concussion, and may take a while to recover. I guess it's just a case of taking it all one day at a time - welcoming the good days, and riding the storm on the bad ones.
Not much more news at the moment really - life has been a bit on hold of late.

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