Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13, 2007

Hi again. Well I'm having a bit of nightmare at the moment because I lost my mobile phone somewhere at the hospital when I was visiting Dad yesterday, so I feel like my arm's been cut off!! So if anyone has been texting/ringing me and wondering why I'm being so antisocial, that's why!
Dad is doing really well, and has been moved from the major head injury hospital he was in to a more local rehabilitation hospital. (I've been having fun telling everyone that my father's in 'rehab'!!) I've seen him yesterday and today, and he's on top form. He's still a bit weak and shaky, but has been up and walking about, and hasn't been confused at all over the last two days, although his short-term memory can still be a bit iffy at times. (But maybe that's just an age thing!!) He has to see the Occupational Therapist to see if he needs any special care or assistance, but hopefully he should be back home in the next week or two. He's much more cheerful and has been reading and watching TV again, which he hasn't been interested in at all since this all happened. So all being well, he is on the road to recovery. Thanks once again for everyone's messages of support through the various channels - both my dad and my mum are really grateful for your thoughts and prayers.
As for Charlie, he's taking everything in his stride, as per normal. He's so pleased that Grandpa is getting back to normal, and is looking forward to the day when he and Grandpa can play racing cars on the floor, or chase around the garden on the pedal-powered digger again!
Charlie's really enjoying going to playschool every day, as opposed to just three times a week - although I'm missing him lots! Heaven only knows what I'll do when he's at school full-time, this time next year!
It's been ages since I posted a new picture, so I'll try to get one sorted for my next post - although without my all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone, I'll have to go back to my rather old-fashioned camera!

PS I'm now attaching a couple of pics of Charlie knocking around in the garden today. Is it me or is he starting to look REALLY grown up!

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Anonymous said...

Yes he does look really grown up and as wonderful as ever. Just logged on post holiday to discover the nightmare of your dad being unwell. I really do hope he is back home again soon and that he continues to improves day by day
Lots of love to you all