Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13, 2007

Hi everyone, I've just picked up Charlie's latest photos from playschool... and I know I'm biased, but doesn't he look smart! I can't believe how grown up he looks! But maybe that's something to do with the tie?!?

We're all fine at the moment, although Charlie still has a blocked nose, which makes life a bit more difficult for him, as he gets puffed out a bit easier. It doesn't really affect him though - he still keeps going and going!

Playschool have started preparations for Christmas already - Charlie came out yesterday having been singing the Christmas songs for his festive show for the first time. Today he came out with a star sticker on his shirt, and when I asked why, he said it was because he did really well when they were practising for the show - apparently he's 'the man who was with Mary'. 'Joseph?' I asked. 'Yes, that's the one!' Charlie replied.

I'm not sure if being Joseph today means he'll be Joseph in the show, as I think the kids tend to take turns to wear all the different costumes, but I'm definitely going to be blubbing my eyes out on the day, whoever he ends up being!

Heart-wise, all is well. Despite the cold weather, snotty nose and everything else, Charlie continues to do brilliantly. I, however, am getting increasingly stressed about the forthcoming cardiac catheter - particularly not knowing when it will be.

Consequently, I telephoned the hospital in Birmingham yesterday to ask if they had any idea. They told me that while he hasn't been allocated a date yet, he is heading towards the top of the waiting list. I asked whether he could possibly be admitted after Christmas, and the doctor's secretary said she didn't see any reason why not. She's going to double check with Charlie's consultant, and get back to me over the next couple of days, hopefully with a provisional date. It's looking like it could be very early 2008 - possibly even the first working week after New Year. Eek. At least then we could get through Christmas uninterrupted. Will keep you all posted.

Once again, thanks to everyone for checking in on Charlie - it amazes me to see all the different countries from which we've had visitors. Please feel free to leave us a message to let us know you've dropped by. Even if you just want to leave your name and where you're from - we'd love to hear from you!

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Abi said...

HI Alison,

Just wanted to say that I hope the wait for the cath isn't too terrible for you and you get some idea of when it is soon. It really reminded me of our situation last year...We were waiting for a cath date and it came through around now for December 15th! I couldn't get into the christmas mood at all worrying something would go wrong and we would be in hospital, or worse. He was home safe and sound two days later and christmas was thatb bit more special ( even though I was in bed sick!). Anyway , I know how you are feeling, but all will be well, am sure.
Take care
abi x