Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 28, 2007

Hi everyone. This is just a quick update as I realised I haven't posted for a bit! We're having something of a computer crisis at the moment... well, not so much a computer crisis, rather an internet crisis. Our all-singing, all-dancing wireless modem broadband thing (technical term there!) has gone pop, so despite the fact we have several computers lying around the house, we can't log on. The only reason I'm blogging now is because our wonderful next-door neighbour has lent us their spare laptop which is logged onto their wireless network! I don't know how long ours will be out of action because the internet service provider is insisting on sending us spare parts one at a time so we can ascertain they don't work before we get sent the next one. Grrrr. Don't these people realise how important blogging and ebaying are?!?
Anyway, enough moaning for now - everything else is going really well at the moment. Charlie is full of festive cheer and we are really getting into the Christmas spirit, even though it's still only November. He is singing his Christmas songs from playschool all the time, and is off out tomorrow with Pete and me in tow to search for playschool's Christmas tree. This is an annual event for the playschool, and we're off to the fruit farm down the road, where we went apple picking last month. The children all have to go hunting for their 'special' tree, which is then taken back to playschool and decorated. I'm not sure whether the big man in red makes an appearance or not, but I guess we'll find out! Will take plenty of pictures to post once my computer's up and running again.
Talking of pictures... Charlie is getting quite into the whole dressing up thing, since he had his Donkey costume. His latest favourite is a Sulley costume from Monsters Inc, which was passed onto him by one of our neighbours. He's wearing it most of the time, and gets a great thrill from answering the door to our long-suffering postman and roaring at him in true Monsters Inc style! So I will definitely post a suitably scary picture asap!
Healthwise, Charlie is doing fine. He's still got his runny nose, but it doesn't seem to have developed into anything worse, which is good. We met our new health visitor yesterday, who did his four-year check, which he passed with flying colours!! She was also amazed when she met him, because she knew about his heart condition, and was expecting to meet a blue, breathless child - rather than one who was running around, roaring at her in a Sulley costume!
Still no news from the hospital, but I think once we're into December it's fairly safe to think that Charlie's cardiac catheter won't be until next year, but I'll keep you all posted.
Anyway, I'll sign off for now - apologies if there are loads of typos in this - for some reason my typing goes to pot on laptops! Hopefully we'll be back soon on our own computer, so I can post some pics!

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