Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007

This is just a quick post, to let you know that Charlie's playschool Christmas show was a triumph! (After a minor catastrophe when we arrived, only to find that the disc in the camcorder was full... aaaarrrgghh! Cue Pete driving home, ransacking the house to find a new dvd and then back again in less than five minutes!! - I'm still tidying up the mess where he tipped all the drawers out!)
Well, our little superstar played the part of Joseph, and was so proud of himself... as we were of him! Not a dry eye in the house. Although he did cause more than a few giggles by waving at Pete and calling 'Hi Daddy!' as he was leading Mary and the donkey to the stable! He sang all the songs, and knew all the words and the actions. We were so, so proud of him. And I'll happily confess that I cried my eyes out! (surreptitiously, of course!)
I'm attaching a pic of Charlie in his Joseph costume, complete with cheesy smile! When we figure out how to connect the video camera to the computer, I'll try to post some video too - it's priceless!
Charlie is absolutely manic at the moment - he is SOOOOO excited about Christmas. We have a truly mad week and a half ahead, with at least two or three different events to go to/people to see every day. But it's fun!
Back soon with the latest festive update!! Ho Ho Ho!

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