Monday, December 17, 2007

December 17, 2007

Well, the festive mayhem continues, and Charlie is thoroughly enjoying all of it! After his triumph in the role of Joseph in his nativity play (see previous post!), Charlie and his little friend, Seren, headed off to watch another show - Cbeebies this time!
We have taken him once before, when he was about two, and he loved it then, but he really enjoyed it this time, and joined in with all the singing and dancing.
He loved every mouthful of the bucket of blue candyfloss bought for him by Seren's mum, and managed to scoff the lot without getting TOO sticky.
We've had a busy weekend all in all, because we headed three hours north to Liverpool and the Wirral yesterday to play Father Christmas and deliver presents to our relatives up there. While we were there, Charlie had a ride on the ferry across the River Mersey, which he thought was brilliant (and left me feeling very nostalgic because I lived up there when I was little!)
Needless to say, we've come home laden with presents for Charlie, which we've hidden away pronto to stop him prodding them!
Playschool party tomorrow - for which I have to make squillions of ham sandwiches - and more than likely a visit from Father Christmas!
PS Another special moment - Charlie came out of playschool last week with the form we have to fill in to register him to start school next September! It really made us smile. It may not sound like much, and we have a few hurdles to cross before then, but it made us so happy to think that school is on the cards for our lovely boy. It made it seem like a reality, not just a pie in the sky dream. Another massive milestone on the way. At least once I get his uniform I'll be able to use up some of the name tags I ordered in bulk when he started playschool! Oooh - he's going to look so cute in his little school tie! (Cue ANOTHER Kleenex moment I think!)

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