Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

Hi everyone - just thought you might like to see the pictures I (finally!) picked up from the photographer today. I know we're biased, but how cute is Charlie?! I really don't know where he's got his photogenic genes from... certainly not from either of his parents!
He's on top form at the moment, with a busy few weeks coming up. He's got a 'teddy trot' around the playground on Friday, to raise money for Sport Relief, then his Easter Bonnet Parade next week, along with numerous birthday parties (as per normal!!), friends coming to visit, days out... what a hectic social life he has!
Thrown into the mix is a trip to the dentist tomorrow for a check-up. Charlie likes going to the dentist, ever since I told him the dentist's chair is like a mini rollercoaster! Plus the receptionists have stickers with Disney 'Cars' on if he behaves himself!
Then we're off to the hospital here in Cardiff for his regular check up on the 17th. I can't remember if I mentioned in a previous post, but we had the results of his last 24-hour holter monitor. He's still showing the intermittent heart block that he had when we were in hospital in January, but there are still no long pauses or other arrythmias, so the doctors don't seem unduly concerned. So if they're not, we're not!
Will keep you all posted on how we get on. Hope you like the pictures!

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The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Beautiful photos, really pleased that all is going well.

Bev xx