Monday, March 03, 2008

March 3, 2008

This is just a really quick post - we've just got back from our meeting at Charlie's 'Big School'! He went into a creche in one of the classrooms, while Pete and I joined the rest of the parents in the hall to hear from the headmistress, and one of the infant teachers.
It was so exciting, and emotional at the same time, to listen to all the things Charlie will need, what the uniform is like, what facilities the school has to offer him... We never dreamed we'd come this far.
We had a look around the classrooms, and spoke to one of the teachers briefly about Charlie's condition. She was really reassuring, and has left us feeling very confident that they will be able to manage any issues he may have with no problem at all.
We have another meeting in June, when Charlie will be able to have a proper look around the school and meet his teacher - although he did have a sneaky peek in the classroom tonight!
Yesterday was Mothers' Day, and Charlie was so excited about it - he crept into our bedroom yesterday morning and whispered to Pete 'Is it Mothers' Day today?' before running back to his own room and returning with a bag of presents for me. He made me a lovely little pot 'to put things in' and wrote my card beautifully. Among other goodies, I also had a little fluffy teddy bear, which Charlie has named Snowy Daffodil (don't ask me - I have no idea how his mind works!) and I think he has half an eye on it himself, so I won't be altogether surprised if it finds its way into his bed!
No more news for now - will update again soon with some more pictures. We have the Easter Bonnet Parade coming up at playschool in a couple of weeks, so you have that to look forward to! (I'm hoping I can resurrect last year's Easter hat so I don't have to concoct another one for Charlie!)

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